Dr Suess Day

I made this for my Daughter’s class for Dr Suess Day. They loved it!!

Cat in the Hat


My First Bar-Mitzvah decorating job!!!

It was a sports theme, Baseball, Football and Basketball. So custom centerpieces, an arch, dancefloor pieces and more!!! A lot of fun, but a lot of work. Looked great though!!!

Another Tangled Birthday Party

This time I had to try to make Maximus – I think he turned out pretty good…

A 6 foot Princess?? Why Not!!!

A little girl was having a “Tangled” party – and what better way to celebrate than a full size Princess Rapunzel!! She is holding her dear Chameleon friend as well. This was such a fun party and the little girl loved “her” Princess.


The Tardis was built!!

With the help of Brenda and Joe Hatch I was able to make my own Balloon Tardis. The doors opened to allow people to take pictures inside. I took it to  eAtomic Comics at Chandler Fashion Square Mall where my fellow Whovians were able to pose and get a picture in the TARDIS.

Getting Ready to build my Balloon Tardis

Yes – I am a Doctor Who fan. So the need to make a crazy balloon sculpture is just way too much fun!!! Come by Atomic Comics at the Chandler Fashion square on Saturday 3/19 to see it!!